Does boards are prevented by FIFA from landing in no man's property? A recent Reddit article mentioned this report, so we decided to check out it.

Inside a recent Reddit post quoted below, redditor raises suspicion about the fact that rebounds very rarely wrap up in no man's land:

“They always seem to bounce back directly to an attacker, a defender or out of bounds…

They rarely fall in a place where there are no players, very rarely on rebounds from the goalkeeper after a shot, but other types of rebounds just bounce directly to a player.

And nope, I don't know a thing about coding, I just think there are some shenanigans with “ball physics”

We all previously dealt with similar claims related to deflections and tackles. Yet, we decided that this one was worthy a reality check on it's own.

Is there anything fishy going on with rebounds?

You cannot find any point in disputing the claim that numerous rebounds conclude with a new player from either side. Nevertheless the fact exclusively just doesn't lead to the conclusion that the must be the product of foul play.

As always when considering to FIFA conspiracy theory theories, the supporting data is totally absent. Neither the original post quoted above nor the commentators promoting it make any endeavors to eliminate natural details.

The natural explanation that ought to spring to mind is the reality that penalty areas usually are pretty crowded when someone takes a shot.

Crowded areas, many interceptions

For instance of an intercepted recovery, look into this example that we have discussed recently. Ignoring the graphics blemish, you will notice a total of eight outfield players occupying the charges area.

To offer you an idea about just how populated that is, let's take a look at what it actually can take for eight players to cover the complete penalty area, so that it is easy for a loose rebound to escape without being intercepted.

Based on the laws and regulations of football, a problem area should cover 45. 3 x 16. 5 m = 665 m2. If our eight players are spread across the complete penalty area, each of them must cover dua puluh enam m2. That corresponds the area of a ring with a radius of 5. 1 meters. Seeing that most professional footballers are able to reach rates around 30 km/h, they will be able to cover that entire ring in less than another.

Players position in order to intercept

Actually, players of course not necessarily spread randomly across the penalty area. The representation below shows how the players in the example clip are situated. My spouse and i also included circles to illustrate each player's 1-second range of operation.


The red bars show the shot's velocity.

The purpose I do want to make here's where the likelihood of intercepting a cross or perhaps a recovery are biggest that people of course can place themselves. The dull striker around the red defender to his proper and the left function for the farpost. And they accomplish that because that's where boards generally go, provided the shot's angle.

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