FIFA 21 Coins Farming 2020 FAST & SAFE

This is going to be a guide of tips and tricks I have learnt from playing fifa, I have also looked into different patterns I have noticed with trading. So I am going to leave this post here for people to see (including myself) when playing fifa 21.

1. Start off your club

Open up your starter packs, look at what you have. I’d recommend selling all this, although they will rise in price, you’re going to need the coins to get started. Do the advanced SBCs sparingly, do not spend more than you need to and I would recommend waiting for Rivals rewards to help you with them since you can save lots of coins. Also, don’t rush into the marquee matchups unless you are able to fill them out with your club which is one reason I would recommend taking untradeables every second week from rivals. Marquee matchups are very expensive on the first day and you could save a lot of coins just by waiting a few days.

2. Invest in marquee matchups

Look at the upcoming games in the main leagues and buy 81 rated players from the more expensive positions (CB, ST, RW, LW, RB, LB) Buy these early when they are cheap and sell them at 6:00 when everyone is panic buying them and you will most likely be able to sell them for a few thousand more.

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3. Know how the market works

With ones to watch out at the start of the year, you want to pick one out that is about 15k. Watch the highlights of the matches and try to see if they are playing well and then pick them up if they are. If they score a hat trick / get announced in Totw they will drastically spike in price. Sell them immediately. They will cost half that price in a few hours, buy them again, and they will go up a bit in a day or so. This pattern works for every live item. So do it with the UCL/EUL live items too. Also, invest in 83/84s with good links if they are cheap at any time. And don’t just sell them when they go up 100/200 coins. Wait till a big SBC that requires 83/84s comes out and you will not regret it.

4. Do not waste your time trying to snipe icons

look for little hidden filters that are unknown. The filters shown in YouTube videos are often heavily guarded by bots so you won’t get many deals from them.

5. Stay on top of EAs twitter

be the first to know what’s in the TOTW so you can try to grab their OTWs or headliners, this is a very underrated strategy because people often just assume that they won’t make it time. And often cards like CBs, GKs and Fullbacks are hard to predict TOTWs from so you can very easily grab one. Then sell it 10 minutes later while there is hype around the card because it will drop in price drastically over the next few hours.

6. Invest in league SBCs

Look at the leagues from the top 5 that have teams with lots of silvers and few golds. Invest in the centre backs, midfielders and strikers. Stay away from the full backs and wingers as they don’t go for as much. Examples of this are Paderborn (Bundesliga) Union Berlin (Bundesliga) Brescia (Serie A) most of the players go for upwards of 10k so if you invest early you could be in for a lot of coins.

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